In 1973 a little firm was founded in Ogori-shi, Fukuoka, Japan just after the world economy was suffered from “Oil Shock.”  There were only three staff members, who were engaged in maintenance of medical equipment.  It was a start of MECC.

While operating the maintenance business, we succeeded in developing a bio-phenomena recorder, followed by development of an automatic X-ray tube voltage controller and an automatic mask division controller.

Afterwards, we entered a CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) market and succeeded in developing a universal deflection amplifier model DEF-01 that was introduced to many companies all over the world. The more television sets and PC monitors are developed by TV/PC manufacturers in the world, the more we provided our CRT testing systems to such customers.

After 2000 with the appearance of flat-type TV sets and PC monitors we started developing testing systems for LCD and OLED panels. Such systems are now being used for making displays of smart phones and tablet PCs.

At the same time we established a cable TV station for Ogori, Chikuzen and Tachiarai area. Multi-channel television broadcasting and internet services are provided to local people.

In the meantime we kept on making electronic devices such as digital tuner testers, a signal processor for terrestrial digital broadcasting and OFDM modulator/transmitter to broadcast community programs. A couple years ago we started development of nanofiber spinning equipment, which business area was quite new and challenging to us. The nanofiber, a billionth meter size thread is used to make, are thought to be applied to various business applications and many laboratories and companies in the world are paying attentions to it.

Now MECC are operating its business with five business fields such as development of testing systems, nanofiber spinning systems, broadcast equipment for CATV, operation of a CATV station and sales of medical equipment/software.

To meet various needs by customers all over the world we MECC will keep on challenging new technologies with our experience and wisdom.


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